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Welcome to our awesome classroom!


Welcome to first and second grade at Greeley Elementary. You will find this school is truly a “hidden gold mine”.


We are having a great start to our school year. The students are getting into a good routine and working hard.

This quarter in Language arts we are focusing on Reading fluently and Writing skills. Phonics includes letter sounds/names, as well as sight word recognition.

In Math, first grade is learning number order, and addition/  subtraction facts. Second grade is targeting place value, skip counting, as well as number order and addition/ subtraction facts. Problem solving is a big focus at both grade levels.

We will be learning a lot in Science, beginning with how objects in the sky change (including solar eclipses). We will study forms of matter, and analyzing and comparing data. In Social Studies we are focusing on citizenship, civics/government, and geography.

So first and second graders are very busy and looking forward to the season of Fall and writing about it. We'll also be making clay pumpkins and painting them in Art.

Welcome back everyone!