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Welcome to our awesome classroom!


Welcome to first and second grade at Greeley Elementary. You will find this school is truly a “hidden gold mine”.


Finally, the season of fall is upon us. The students have written descriptive fall stories. Other skills we are working on in Language Arts are alphabetizing, rhyming, and punctuation. Writing complete paragraphs including topic sentence, details, and concluding sentence will be focused. Phonics skills are always continually presented.

In Math, our focus is graphing and counting money. Extra help at home with money counting would be greatly appreciated. This skill doesn’t come easily to some students. The second graders will be adding with regrouping up to 3 digits. Again practicing on skills in the fluency folders is important.

Other topics we will learn more about are Veterans Day, animals getting ready for winter, Thanksgiving, Pilgrims, and Native Americans. The first and second graders will be teaming up with the fifth and sixth graders building a shelter representing a specific Native American tribe and location.

Winter holidays are also interesting to explore “all around the world.” As always there is so much to learn!