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What’s happening in 5th and 6th grade


Math  5th grade we are starting a new chapter on adding and subtracting decimals and fractions.  The students still need to review their math facts at home.  

6th grade we are moving on to some basic algebra facts.  Working with decimals and percents.

ReadingWe are working on several different skills. The students are also working on novels during their guided reading groups and using the skill that they are learning. We will be starting the novel Where The Red Fern Grows.

Social Studies We will be focusing in on The first Americans of the United States.  We will be creating a diaroma to describe what they have learned. The diaromas will be due the Monday before Thanksgiving.

Science- They are learing how technology plays a big role in our society. We are going to be starting with Chapter 2 looking at Matter.


Curriculum Corner


Future Events…

*Nov. 10 Vetrans Day 1:15 pm

*Nov. 6th PTO 

*Nov. 15th Thanksgiving Dinner 11:15 am

*Nov. 17 Buck Bingo Night

*Nov. 21st 6th grade Quiz Bowl at GES

*Nov. 22-24 Thanksgiving Break


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Thank you for helping your child stay on track and having homework done. The students having been doing so good. We will be having our first classroom party. Look for details to come.