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November Blessings



     As November rolls along we are learning much about the first Thanksgiving and the pilgrims.  We have been learning about the pilgrim way of life in the past and comparing to present day.  We also learned about the life of children on the Mayflower and how current day Wampanoag children live today.

In language arts we are learning oral vocabulary, phonics skills, comprehension skills, grammar and writing skills. Proofreading and editing skills are being practiced as well.

Science topics of study are the sun, moon, how things change( liquids and solids), and energy.

Special projects this month include Indian headdress, Thanksgiving placemats, and “Things We Are Thankful For.”  We will be enjoying Our family Thanksgiving dinner, too!

Considering our many blessings,some things students said "I am thankful for..." include:  Mom, Dad, pets, food, sisters, brothers, houses, teachers, grandparents, air, and our country. 


Have a Great Thanksgiving and count your blessings!