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February /March

 During the months of February /March the class will be busy with many things including toothcare, Dr. Seuss's birthday, Ireland study, coins and their value, national symbols and monuments, Presidents and signs of spring. 

Special activities planned for Dr. Seuss's birhtday party will include making Dr. Seuss hats, eating real green eggs and ham and enjoying many of Dr. Seuss books . 

Learning about Ireland can't be taught without being introduced to the Irish River Dancers on video and watching how to do the Irish Jig.  And, of course, enjoying the magical tricks of a sneaky leprechaun.

Learning about the signs of spring help us to enjoy our world and to be observant about the world around us. Besides all the tulips, daffodils, new leaves, new grass, longer daylight and warmer temperatures, we will enjoy the many spring birds visiting our bird feeder. Science activities will include watching plants grow from seeds.

We are especially enjoying Family Nutrition classes taught by Anita Sobba from our local extension office. She is teaching us about the ‘My Plate’ program.

As we learn new ideas and information we enjoy learning to write about these topics in our journals. We continue to grow and learn!