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Terry Messick

Welcome to our awesome classroom!


Welcome to first and second grade at Greeley Elementary. You will find this school is truly a “hidden gold mine”.


Winter has definitely arrived at Greeley! The students will be writing descriptive winter stories. Other skills we are working on in Language Arts are identifying blends, chunks, and punctuation.

In Math our focus is telling time, measurement, and ordinal numbers. Second graders are subtracting with regrouping. Problem solving for all is ongoing.

Other topics in Social Studies we will learn about are identifying Kansas symbols, as well as locating our capitol on a map. Presidents and the White House will be another focus. Martin Luther King Jr. is an important topic to study as well.

In science we’ll look at “Living things growing,” Habitats,” and “Sharing the Earth” for starters.

So just bundle up these children and make sure they get plenty of sleep so we can all be good learners.
























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