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 This month we are beginning to gain momentum as students familiarize themselves with rules and routines. 

  We are learning letters and numbers and are honing our motor skills as we learn to write the ABCs’s and numbers to ten.  In math, we are counting to 9, comparing numbers to 9 and learning about sets, same, greater than,and less than.  Language arts is exciting as we are learning letter sounds, rhyming words and beginning to learn to read simple stories and books.

   Our new science series is helping us to look at our world in areas of technology and engineering.  As a class we designed a structure to shade an object from the sun’s heat.  We also learned the effect the sun can have on objects that are exposed to sunlight by making “sun prints.”

   We will be learning about the U.S.. Constitution the week of Sept. 17th.  Making a flag and reciting the Preamble will be highlights.

A big thank you to parents for seeing that your child returns homework assignments daily.  Mrs. Cubit