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September 2020

We already have two weeks behind us in this new school year!  While many things are different from years past, things are going pretty well.  Many changes have been made so that we could return to school safely.  The children have adjusted beautifully to wearing masks, social distancing in the hallways, at lunch, in the classroom, staying in the same line order when they walk from place to place, and to washing their hands frequently.  A few of our families chose to use Remote Learning and that has been another new learning experience for everyone.  We appreciate the patience and understanding that all parents and grandparents have had throughout on-line enrollment and the start of in-school classes and remote learning.  The staff at Greeley will continue to work hard to keep things running as efficiently as possible for all of us.  

Our school calendar will have many changes to it, as we won’t be able to do most of the activities scheduled for our building. 

The following activities scheduled in September will be cancelled:

Grandparents Lunch  9/14   Canceled

PTO/Site Council Meeting 9/14   Canceled

PTO Buck Bingo  9/18    Canceled

We DO have School Pictures for in-school learners on Thursday, September 3, 2020.   Preschool-sixth grade will have their individual pictures taken. Inter-State Studios will not be taking group photos of classes this year.  We regret too, that remote learners cannot have any school pictures taken.  

Our morning drop-off is going great considering this is a new routine for us!   We appreciate our car-rider-families and walkers lining up in front of the office door, waiting for their child to get his/her temperature taken and getting the “thumbs up” before leaving.  Our high-tech temperature takers (that we named Jane and Elroy (Jetson) ) are performing well.  Occasionally they need a minute to “think” and that can be the reason for a short delay at times.  

Reminders for in-school families:

Cloth masks should be washed at least twice per week; daily washing is recommended.  Please make sure your child has at least two masks available for use in case they lose one.  If you choose to have your child use a disposable mask be sure to have plenty on-hand as the elastic bands are breaking on many of them.  

Sack Lunches:    The district no longer uses individual plastic forks, spoons, and straws.  Instead, wrapped sets containing a “spork”, napkin and straw were purchased to lessen the chance that germs touch utensils.  Because these sets cost more and are part of the hot lunch program,  we ask that your child’s sack lunch contain everything he/she will need to eat their meal, including a drink.  If you need your child to get a school milk, please send .50 in their lunch bag.  We never deny anyone a milk, but it is very helpful to send the change.  

Early dismissals and phone calls.  We have two lunch sessions for students.  K-2  have lunch from 11:15 to 11:43    3-6 have lunch from 11:50 to 12:17.   During this time teachers and staff are in various parts of the building and its difficult to dismiss your child early for an appointment or to take phone calls.  We know that sometimes it can’t be helped, but when possible, please schedule pick-ups and phone calls by 11:00 a.m. or after 12:30 p.m.  


Reminders for Remote Learners:

We know that making the decision to have your child be a remote learner may not have been an easy decision to make.  Your day and your obligations are different than they’ve ever been in regard to school!   Remote Learning is a learning experience for families and for school staff and we will do our best to make this a success.   

Remote Learner Parents Must:   Be diligent about entering learning minutes for subjects each day!  Be diligent about completing the Daily Attendance Log each day!  Failure to do so will result in truancy.