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Debbie Alford

     42 years in the best profession EVER!    

    I consider myself truly blessed to have been in the profession I love for 42 years!  For those reading this, who may not know me, allow me to introduce myself to you.        

     My name is Deborah Alford (I prefer to be called Debbie).  Yes, you did read correctly, I have been in education for 42 years!  I was a classroom teacher for 29 of those years, 5th & 6th grade, and I have been a principal for the last 12 years.  I love my job because I love children!  My job NEVER gets boring.  Each day is a new day filled with excitement.  I believe that teaching is the most important and most rewarding profession.  I am blessed to work with wonderful children, supportive parents, and excellent teachers.

      I  moved to Louisburg, five years ago. I have two cats, Bob and Gracie.  I made the move to be closer to my family and my church. The three "men" in my life, are my grandsons, Conner, 16, Nathan, 15, and Eli, 7.  My absolute favorite things to do are:  watch Hallmark movies, watch Nathan and Conner play sports, spending time with my family, and “trying” to relax!

     So...I am in the profession I always wanted to be in.  I work in a wonderful school district.  I am the principal in 2 great schools, and I live close to my church and my boys.  I try to remember how blessed I am, everyday, and I always remind the students that in school, "Every day is a new day".

     This year, will be my last year in this great profession.  I have decided it is time to retire and work on the RELAXING part of my life.  I will truly miss the children, the parents, and the many friends that I have made.

   Feel free to drop by to visit with me anytime!  Always call whenever you have a concern.  Together, we can work anything out!


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